Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I haven't posted anything in a long time because my internet was too slow to upload the images. so I’m going to do a really massive post of everything i’ve done so far.

So the last time I posted something on this blog I was saying how I had the best day ever blah blah blah WELL............. I SWEAR i Jinxed myself because the next day was the worst day.

I noticed that the middle big of my skirt was inside out. I spent all that lesson unpicking the whole skirt and re-sewing it. 

The Next day i saw that i had done the same thing with the belt so i had to unpick that too and re-sew it!!!! :( I felt like giving up.

I thought that yeah my luck couldn't get any worse but i proved myself WRONG!!!! When i attached my belt to my skirt. It LOOKED really good at the front but in the inside DAMN  it was soooo messy. 

The next class after that I once again unpicked the belt and started to re-attach it on but its proving to be difficult. 

So now I’m still trying to figure a way to attach the belt on again but making sure that it is perfect.

I finally got the belt to fit!!!  but it isn't as amazing as i had pictured it in my head.

I tried to attach the zip to my skirt today but the zip so too small then i had to make the whole for the zip smaller. i am scared that its not going to fit but fingers crossed.

I put in the zip and it fits perfect. All I have to do now is to attach the hook and eye.

Today I cut out the pieces for the bow for my top.

Today I sewed the bow together then attached it to my top. the top is finally completely finished.

I tried on the whole  outfit today and I got make-up on the top so now I have to wash it.

I have just finished my project :)!!!
it looks great and fits right. since i finished it earlier then I had planned im going to make and oversized clutch to go with it.

This project was fun but also risky at the same time. 
I took a chance on both the skirt and the the top because I  made the pattern for the top and for the skirt i didn't follow the pattern steps because I wanted to change the way it looked on the inside.

I have decided that i will not be including shoulder pads on the top because it just looked weird when i put them in but then i took them out.